TPMI New Patient
Tracking Form

A chiropractic product to understand the source of your new patients.


"Monitoring your new patients is essential for you to understand what is happening in your practice."

The TPMI New Patient Tracking Form is a chiropractic product offered to help you track new patient acquisition based on payment status and sourcing on a quarterly basis. 

The TPMI New Patient Tracking Form is one of three chiropractic products offered by TPMI. In addition to the TPMI Statistics Spreadsheet and the TPMI appointment book. All are specially designed products for chiropractors to gather all the data needed to track and monitor the success of their new patient acquisition efforts as well as their patient retention. 

Chiropractors across the world use TPMI chiropractic products to manage and grow a thriving practice as they implement the organizational methodologies from TPMI.  

The TPMI New Patient Tracking Form is available to any chiropractor but is required for those in the TPMI Clinic Complete program. Order today!

Managing and understanding your new patients has never been easier.


Get Results Right Away by Improving Your Workflow

Delivered in Excel

The TPMI New Patient Tracking Form is a chiropractic product presented as an Excel spreadsheet that helps you gather data about your new patients. It includes categories to indicate the source of the new patient as well as the payment type.

Insightful Visibility of Your New Patient Behavior

This chiropractic product gives you a detailed, quarterly (12-week) at-a-glance report of your new patients. You’ll learn where all of your new patients come from, who is helping acquire them, and how to easily monitor their retention.  You’ll also notice your patient retention rates after the first nine visits.  Chances are you will begin to spot trends as to when patients quit care so you can improve retention.

Make Decisions Based on Facts, Not Feeling

This product for chiropractors reduces your urge to make a decision based on intuition because the numbers you need to prove your beliefs are available right on the tracking forms. You’ll be able to make more informed decisions based on actual data, patient behavior, and your clinic’s performance. 

Demystify Why Patients Quit Treatment

Many doctors “think” they know how many patients quit treatment and when they do it, but most are surprised by the empirical data they collect once they begin using this TPMI chiropractic product. The insightful information you’ll collect will help you:

  • Take the guesswork and emotion out of determining the best patient acquisition strategies
  • Identify patients who quit in the first critical nine visits 
  • Discover the true impact of your Spinal Care Class 
  • Track patient retention at the nine, 10-20, and beyond 20-visit marks
  • Track patterns of patient choice in care

Easy to Use

Each order comes with access to an instructional video to learn how to accurately use the chiropractic product.

From One Chiropractor to Another

Dr. Witt talk about the experience with TPMI New Patient Tracking Form

“Before joining TPMI, when I had new patients come in it was hard to track them and evaluate how long they stayed and whether we were doing all we could to allow them to get the best results possible. After joining TPMI, the new patient tracking form has become a chiropractic product that allows us to know all the details of what we are doing or could be doing better to make sure the patient stays long enough to see if they can be helped.”

Dr. Witt

Start tracking your new patient acquisition with a chiropractic product designed for the job!


Read What TPMI Doctors Say About The New Patient Tracking Form

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