Check What Doctors Say About TPMI

If you are looking for freedom of time, Dr. Radermacher presents principles that sometimes seem somehow impossible when we first started. We were working 40h a week and now we are into 18h work a week with patients. We were doing 15 to 25 minutes ROFs with no reproducibility and hoping patients got what they needed in order to choose care. Now, it’s a 5 minutes report of findings that make patients make a decision for themselves without any sorce of pressure. 

Dr. Effertz

Hi, I am ...

I've been in practice for over 30 years. And one of the things that I've come to recognize working with TPMI is really the level of stress reduction. As a practitioner, oftentimes you take the weight of your patient's condition upon your own shoulders. And that's one of the things that caused me the most stress. And one of the things that I recognized, utilizing the system that TPMI does, especially in its communication methods with patients, is that it's removed some of that stress or that burden of carrying the patient's condition and recognizing that the patient's condition is their condition. They need to own it. And they're also responsible for following the recommendations that we give them. So overall, the level of stress that I feel when I come home has been much reduced. I certainly appreciate that portion of what I've learned right now currently with TPMI.

Dr. Tapia


I've been in practice for about five years now. I've been with Dr. Radermacher and his practice for about two months. And within those two months, my confidence as a communicating chiropractor has skyrocketed. I now know how to table talk and how to educate my patients every day that I see them. And the results show because our office numbers have been up drastically, and I look forward to the next teachings with him.

Dr. Malloy

Since working with Dr. Radermacher, I feel like our office management and organization have dramatically improved. Teaching patients about chiropractic has also been a big improvement. Patient retention has definitely increased because patients are now understanding chiropractic better. It has not always been easy getting the things I know in my head into the patient’s head. Practicing those types of things with Dr. Radermacher and using his communication and organization topics, has gone very well. And there's been a lot more fun overall with practice.

Dr. Green

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dr. Radermacher for the past two decades. His modern grasp on office systems and processes has added incredible and stable growth over the last twenty years. It’s said that in any business it is best to manage the systems and processes and he has the science, clientele proof, and validity to back their results and add to all of this a communication platform, that when implemented consistently, drives patient retention based on knowledge rather than charisma. Lastly, Dr. Radermacher’s ability to blow life into office statistics for immediate and effective changes is more valuable to our business than anything I’ve come across. Truly the best of the best.

Dr. Wendell

I started with TPMI two decades ago, fresh out of college with no patient management skills. I had the knowledge base but did not know how to communicate it to patients. This program taught me very strong communication skills and gave me the confidence to succeed. It makes you take full control of your practice. Twenty years later and I’m still learning. The skills learned have also carried into my personal life. I have developed friends for life. Every physician will benefit from this program.

Dr. Cordova

I've been in practice for over 25 years and have hired multiple "coaches" in that time, but have never experienced the level of professionalism, personal attention, and care that Dr. Radermacher has shown to me and my practice! He is truly a class act. TPMI is a well-thought-out and structured organization with a simple, yet genius, multi-factor process that not only makes it much less stressful to serve your patients, but also makes it clearer for patients to choose care without 'selling' anyone anything! Dr. Radermacher has helped me get out of my professional burnout slump and showed me how to have fun in my practice again. I have already busted through some glass ceilings with a few more to go. Thanks, Dr. R!

Dr. Noble

Dr. Radermacher is the only practice management consultant I would consider using. I’ve worked with many others previously, and they all pale in comparison. He is a master at teaching doctor-patient communications. In his own words, “If you don’t teach them, they won’t let you adjust them.

Dr. Kunikiyo

For doctors who are serious about creating a successful practice based on defined systems and parameters, you must contact exceptions. Since 2001, working with Dr. Radermacher has made practice fun, enjoyable, and stress-free. His timeless approach to practice management is classic and unparalleled...The BEST!

Dr. Lambrou

Being associated coming out of chiropractic school not knowing the business aspects or the communications portion of running a business, talking to the patients, and talking chiropractic to patients was great to have a foundation and understanding of where to start and where to go. There is so much to learn and in chiropractic school, we don’t focus on it. Communication is one of the most vital aspects of being a chiropractor.

Dr. Grimard

I joined a couple of different management groups before even if was told not to, but I didn’t listen. I joined those groups and really felt I was taking advantage to be honest. But I didn’t lear that much. So I checked Dr. Radermacher seminars and his consultancy and really felt in love with it. Just resonated with me the systems he has in place and the way he runs the seminars.

Dr.  Koenig

Dr. Radermacher has actually really enlightened me to all the different variety of problems that you can run into in an office and probably the biggest key is just learning really how to listen to a patient as a question is asked.

Dr. Nate Martin

Hi, I am ...

If you are looking to take your practice and your professional development to the next level and are interested in exploring your potential as a communicator and a compassionate leader in your community, then you are in the right place and could benefit from working with Dr. Radermacher and TPMI. The skills I’ve learned over the years and the communications I’ve begun to master through this program have allowed my professional and personal life to feel balanced. My experience in practice is fun, successful, and impactful. I highly recommend this program.

Dr. Whittaker

I have been a client of TPMI for over 10 years. The return on investment is remarkable. The responsiveness to needs is instantaneous. Relevant information on current trends is relayed to clients routinely. To run your practice on the stats Dr. Radermacher has you keep prevents the highs and lows of an emotional practice. It’s a tremendous learning experience. I have no reservations or hesitation in recommending TPMI and Dr. Radermacher.

Dr. Van Wormer

I have been a practicing chiropractic physician for almost 30 years. When I started in practice, if you had mentioned the idea of having a practice consultant/coach, I would have dismissed the idea as nothing more than a way to pressure patients into receiving care. And so, for the next 20 years, I rode the roller coaster of good weeks, bad weeks, good months, and bad months, all the while with the preconceived notion that a practice consultant/coach would be of little benefit. About eight years ago, several colleagues of mine introduced me to Dr. Radermacher and Total Practice Management International (TPMI). While intrigued by TPMI’s approach to practice coaching, I remained skeptical. However, after listening to TPMI’s CD series and speaking with Dr. Radermacher, I could tell the TPMI program was quite the opposite of what I thought the program would be. Instead of the focus being selling a patient on care, the focus was communication. Clearly explaining to the patient what their problem is and what options they have to address it. Was my practice transformed overnight? Was this the magical “quick fix” other programs had advertised? Of course not. Focusing on patient communication as well as running the office as a statistics-driven business (Doc, your practice is a career and a business, not a hobby!) has indeed changed the practice. Patients have a better understanding of *why* they are in pain, that they have a choice in the care they receive, and that ultimately, *their* health is *their* responsibility. If you have been considering a practice consultant/coach, take the time and speak with Dr. Radermacher. You’ll find that TPMI’s approach is vastly different.

Dr. Frank

This management program is in a league of its own. Being able to communicate to your patients in a way they hear and understand you is priceless. When they understand you, they keep coming back for the care they need. This program helps you combine great adjusting skills with great communication skills which are the two skills that can help you achieve high volume and low stress. Who doesn't want to help more people, right? This is the program to help you achieve your dream practice if you are willing to apply simple daily practices.

Dr. Fowers

Knowledge is power, right? And TPMI is giving our office that knowledge/power. Over the past decade, we have learned exceptional communication skills to teach our patients the power of their health and the power of choosing health. Even during a pandemic, we were able to thrive because of this program.

Dr. Haynes

I’ve been coaching with Dr. Radermacher since 1989 and have referred numerous chiropractors to him. His coaching is one-on=one, he is extremely intelligent, and offers sage advice. Dr. Radermacher gets my highest rating, and I would not hesitate to refer anyone to him. My previous preceptor started coaching with him after purchasing a practice that was on its last leg, and now he’s seeing over 800 physical therapy visits a week. I’d say that’s a damn good investment.

Dr. Thiele

My experience with Dr. Radermacher and TPMI has literally been a game changer for me as a chiropractor, and my entire family. His wisdom, erudite teachings and unique approach to the inner workings of the chiropractic office process, as well as the inner workings of the individual doctor, are absolutely nothing short of brilliant and insightful. Things you didn’t think were even possible, like a 20-hour or less work-week, multiple vacations per year, a stable, retention-based practice while at the same time increasing your practice profitability, are just some of the hallmarks of this program. You will also gain a true understanding of doctor-patient communications as the basis for what you do to help patients get the care they so desperately need. If you want to improve your practice life and your personal life, I highly recommend TPMI and Dr. Radermacher. P.S. I have been with many other consultants over the years, and Dr. Radermacher is head and shoulders above the rest.

Dr. Wolosz

So, you have your education and have your practice started, now what? That's the question I was asking myself in 1990 just before I met Dr. Radermacher. I needed direction on how to run a 'business' and how to run an 'office'. How to do this and maintain balance with your personal life is key to successful practice longevity. I highly recommend his insight.

Dr. McGinley

My name is Dr. David Rambacher, and I have been in chiropractic practice for 33 years. When I started my practice, I focused on the anatomy of people’s problems and did not know the value of communicating about quality of life, daily chores, and activities of daily living. I only focused on the immediate problem and did not know the benefit of allowing people to choose their care. Many times, people will have setbacks (sometimes extreme) and suffer not only with pain but with loss of work and stressed relationships, personal, professional, etc. When I first started with Dr. Radermacher it took some time for me to understand fully why he said what he did and why I was not aware of these concepts throughout my entire educational journey. I utilize the information Dr. Radermacher taught me many years ago on a daily basis today because your life will get busy, and you can forget the huge impact that Chiropractic care can mean for all the people in your town. Dr. Radermacher’s information is accurate, and it will help you progress with more certainty in how you communicate the value of your chiropractic service which gives you more daily certainty, which gives your patients great results!

Dr. Rambacher

Hello, my name is Dr. Bobby Dorio. I have been a chiropractor for 30 years and working with Dr. Radermacher for the past eight months or so. In that timeframe he has helped me become more confident in the way I speak with my patients, helping me to direct the conversation to their understanding that they have a responsibility in their health care. And sustaining that and being consistent with care will help them achieve their goals of improved health.

Dr. Dorio

When your organization and your communication with your patients is better because of the clarity that that you’re bringing into your office, your staff,  and into your patients from day to day, the money is going to be there and to more than pay for the services. When you communicate well with them, it’s about them making a choice for their care, them realizing that it’s their problem that they came in with, and ultimately when they see the results, they get to own the positive results as well too.

Dr. Nick Martin

I’ve been with TPMI for 19 years. And before TPMI, I felt like my confidence was based on how my practice was doing. It didn’t drive my practice, I reacted to it. I also felt like my balance was off. I didn’t have balance because I was always at work. I was working 50 to 60 hours a week at the clinic. And my stress levels were very high. After working with TPMI for the last 19 years, I feel like my confidence now helps drive the practice. I also feel like I have balance in my life.  I work 17 hours a week now, and the stress levels are much better and I have a very, very balanced practice and therefore a balanced life. I also feel like this has helped me with my practice, as we see about eight times more patients per week than I did before TPMI so make the call.

Dr. Witt

In school, they teach you all about how to address what to diagnose and what to see on x-ray, but they don’t really show you how to communicate and how to educate patients on a daily basis with seeing them so frequently in care. And this is just one of the many tools available that actually help hone in your skills as a conversationalist, as a communicator, as an educator; because Doctor is an educator, to be able to give the patient the best chance to actually achieve greater health that no other health care profession can give them.

Dr. Swink

Hi, I am ...

Thanks to Dr. Radermacher’s program, I immediately increased my patient visits by 75%. In just the first few weeks, I quickly added 12 new patients. I added the reactivation of 11 former patients, and I'm doing it all with much less stress and no outside advertising. Plus, I feel much more confident as a doctor and my patients are getting better results than ever before. I'll soon be more than doubling my capacity because of the reliable, dependable methods that Dr. Radermacher has taught me.

Dr. Bowden

In 1999, I was really struggling with my practice and my health. I was working long hours, including weekends, and thought that taking vacations would only hurt the patients. I tried to accommodate every patient's needs while actually giving away a great number of my services. I was physically getting sick and mentally drained. And as my bills piled up, the stress level was out of control. After seeing an ad in the A.J.C.C., I called and spoke with Dr. Radermacher. He made logical sense. After our conversation, I knew I had to do something to change. I hired Dr. Radermacher to help. Dr. Radermacher helped me implement positive changes. One of those changes was reducing my office hours from 50 plus hours per week to 22 hours per week. I also began collecting a fair fee from each patient, going from $17 to $40 collected per visit, all while taking vacations every six to seven weeks. Dr. Radermacher has even helped me in personal areas, such as physical training, and ways to maintain a more positive attitude in life. The biggest thing that Dr. Radermacher has taught me is that I am the practice. If I am unhealthy, stressed, or not truly satisfied, my level of productivity and service to mankind suffers directly. I am now in my seventh year with TPMI and Dr. Radermacher is still finding ways to challenge me to be a better chiropractor and person.

Dr. Buller

I joined TPMI. in the early part of 2010, on the advice of a couple of great friends. We had been part of the same practice management seminar group for close to 20 years, when they started sharing their numbers with me it was evident that they, as well as some of my other friends, who were also clients of TPMI, were seeing some great growth in their practices. Just as important, they were having fun in practice, and for the first time in 20 years plus, they were giving weekly spinal care classes. I had to find out about this Dr. Radermacher and how he could have such a profound influence on several of my friends. My practice is in Southern California. I joined TPMI near the end of a three-year stint with ASHP. I had been averaging a strong number of new patients per month, but my retention was far too low. I was very busy with new patients, even with two associates, my collections were off, and the doctors and staff were not enjoying the huge paper push. Worse than that, I was not having fun in practice, and due to the economy slowing, I was feeling a bit unsure of the future. My first introduction to TPMI required lots of statistical information. I kept stats for 20 years in practice. So, this wasn't new to me. The TPMI spreadsheets and stats I keep now allow me to understand intricate parts of the practice I had never thought of. The stats are great! I feel like I have a handle on what to do to improve the overall office. Two examples are how many maintenance visits are weekly, and monthly, and what percent of your new patients are attending their spinal care class. The first of this year shows my practice has grown significantly in visits, retention collections, and the number of patients attending their spinal care class. I have fewer missed appointments and more rescheduled patients. Maybe more important than the numbers is that with the communication tools I now have, I really feel like I am in control of my practice and my future. The professional and clerical staff understand that we are here to help patients get the care they choose. All the pressure is on the patients, not on us. The last great frontier in chiropractic is communication. When you get that figured out and are taught the tools of communication, you have the best chance for success. It has worked for me and for several of my friends who have been great chiropractors for over 20 years. Now with TPMI we are better chiropractors and are again enjoying being in the office helping people every day.

Dr. Cadman

When I first heard of TPMI, I thought it was just another practice management group that would try to increase my patient visits by encouraging more new patients and more retention. But as I quickly learned, I was wrong. Working with TPMI and Dr. Radermacher, over the last four months has put fun and excitement back into my practice life. Not to mention a 60% increase in total visits, an increase that I thought was long gone after 22 years in practice. A lot of doctors have asked me what specific point has made the difference. That is a hard question to answer, but I will try. Dr. Radermacher examined every aspect of how we were communicating and quickly taught my associate doctors and me how to do it more effectively and appropriately. He customized the approach for each doctor's personality and continues to adapt his advice to meet our individual needs. And with five doctors in the practice, I can assure you that this is not an easy or simple task. I strongly believe that his personal customized one-on-one coaching has been a key factor in providing us with maximum quick and lasting results. The TPMI system has shown us how to engage and teach patients in ways that have never before been attempted. Patients are never sold or pushed into care. Nor are they given recommendations for care that is not needed.

Dr. Carnaroli

I've been using Dr. Radermacher’s recordings, since their inception, they explain the depth, knowledge, and understanding he has for the profession. In the world of copycats and parrots, these thoughts are original, timely, and mandatory for today's practicing chiropractor. Most chiropractors have no idea what great opportunities exist today. Listen to what Dr. Radermacher has to say, and you'll begin to understand that what it takes to be a successful chiropractor and not just a “chiro-actor”.

Dr. Colavito

Though our practice was successful, it was also incredibly stressful and inefficient. Before Dr. Radermacher showed us the secrets of balance, we hadn't had a vacation in four years. Now we take them every six weeks. Now the office staff team is happy and efficient instead of burned out and hassled. Our success is now sweeter, with fewer hours in the office. We have more fun both at home and at the office. And finally, we've broken through to the next level of success we couldn't seem to reach before.

Dr. Geiger

I've been a chiropractor for 27 years, and I've seen many changes in our profession. I have also been involved in several practice management groups over the years because I have always felt that reinventing the wheel is wasteful. Each practice management group brought me to a new level, but I never felt that I had reached my full potential. I would get frustrated and unhappy with my office, my staff team, and even myself. While being concerned with what was possibly coming along with our profession, and insurance reimbursement, I was wondering if it was time to retire. I was introduced to Dr. Radermacher and TPMI, via two chiropractors, who I have known and respected for many years. In fact, they were also in the same practice management group I used to be in. I discovered that the TPMI method was very different than any other practice management style-- period. Gone was the push and pressure to continuously strive to get new patients. This program emphasized educating patients to understand the value of health, to accept responsibility for their pain and their problem, and to take the responsibility for the patient's health away from me. It was very freeing. My practice is busier, more fun, and less stressful. My staff is happier. I would highly recommend TPMI to any chiropractor who wants to excel and truly provide health care to our society.

Dr. Grant

Yesterday was a record day for volume in my office, double the patients I was seeing two weeks ago. And it's a direct result of the intense daily consultations I have with Dr. Radermacher. For me, this was easy. It fit exactly into my specific goals; and, it was fun. Dr. Radermacher has wired himself directly into my personal style, and he's completely in tune with what I want to have happen.

Dr. Guyton

I needed to drop you a line regarding your recording series. These recordings are truly an education and understanding og chiropractic for the masses. If these concepts would be grasped by our profession, I feel as a profession, we would rapidly surpass the approximately 10% of the population we now care for, and then position ourselves as an integral part of health care. Your recordings have truly been the “between the ears” changes this profession must make if we are to keep abreast or surpass our present position. I have listened and continue to listen to these recordings that keep me charged, not with emotion, but with purpose. Congratulations. It is good to have a visionary in our midst.

Dr. Kenny

Years ago I was a client of Dr. Radermacher’s and I experienced remarkable results in my practice. I grew 84% in visits, while working fewer hours, and lowering my stress and my overhead. But then I got persuaded to leave TPMI and join another program. Big mistake. I ended up spending a ton of money on their program, and yet my practice dropped all the way back to where it was when I started with TPMI.  Now I'm back with Dr. Radermacher. Lesson learned. Last week, saw half my numbers and I'm halfway back to where I was at my peak. And in a month or two, I should be very close to where I was when I left TPMI in the first place. I'm getting back on my feet financially and I'm doing even better than before.

Dr. Jones

Before becoming a client of TPMI, I was with two other practice management groups. The tactics they taught were to scare the patients into care. TPMI does not teach scare tactics. TPMI teaches communication skills to educate the patient so they make the right health care choices for themselves, which, more times than not, leads to corrective care and not Band-Aid temporary pain relief. The patients are happy because they now understand the need for care and are willing to pay for it.

Dr. Kish

After choosing TPMI and being with TPMI for the last four years, there’s no question it’s positively impacted our business, and it’s positively impacted relationships with friends and family, just because you’re becoming a better leader and a better communicator.

Dr. Effertz

Being involved with TPMI has meant and given a lot of things for practice. It has allowed for more organization than I even thought was needed. It’s allowed for just more communication and better communication with practice. It’s allowed for the communication aspect with patients; just helping them understand that it’s all about them and it’s their pain, and it’s their life that’s being impacted.

Dr. DeVries

Hi, I am ...

Honestly, I didn't want to come to the seminar this weekend, not because I don't value what you have to say, but because I was building a huge wall around myself, as far as not wanting to care about, gosh, this whole profession anymore. But I attended, anyway, with a lot of encouragement. When I arrived, I decided it wouldn't be necessary for me to participate, because I had sort of lost all my passion. Being the stubborn person that I am, I decided to participate anyway. And I can't tell you how much I learned this weekend. It's not just some pumped up feeling that will fade on Monday; this was by far the best seminar I have ever attended…ever! And I truly can't imagine a better way to have spent my weekend. Thank you! I feel like I should say something bigger…that just doesn't seem like enough.

Dr. Wendell

Dr. Radermacher has simply changed my life and my practice. I'm seeing as many patients in a week as I used to see in a month, but with infinitely less stress and less time in the office. In fact, I'm at the office just 24 hours a week, where I used to spend 40 to 60 hours each week. And the paperwork has dwindled dramatically. I have more time with my wife. I read and relax and have fun, whereas I used to have no outside life at all. And I'm sharper than ever at work. This man is a problem solver.

Dr. O’Neal

We were approaching burnout when we discovered Dr. Radermacher. In just a short time, he helped bring our stress level down 90% while we simultaneously cut 10 hours off the work week. We still work hard, but now it's fun. We stay motivated and the office runs smoothly. And we now know how to educate our patients without taking on personal responsibility for their problems. That lets us enjoy being chiropractors again, which is why we entered the profession in the first place.

Dr. Raymond and G. Moss

For seven years Dr. Radermacher has been like a coach to me, looking over my shoulder with a real commitment to help me succeed. The service is extraordinary, and I can always reach him when I need to. Whenever there's a crisis with my staff team or my practice, he's right on top of it. He's an integral part of my business.

Dr. Sea

I started my practice two years ago and every day was an uphill battle for control over the office and my personal life. I worked too many hours and overaccommodated my patients by doing everything short of checking the air in their tires. But Dr. Radermacher showed me a better way. He helped me refine what I offer and showed me how to communicate it effectively. No longer was the patient controlling me. Now I work half the hours, but I am three to four times more productive. TPMI has helped breathe new life into my practice. These days I want to come to work and I'm giving better care to my patients…all while I'm building my practice and watching it grow in a way I can handle.

Dr. Tanasse

I'm in a small town of just 3,000 people, but since joining TPMI two and a half years ago, I've almost doubled my already fairly busy practice. I'm completely focused now, whereas before I was a mess. I have control over every area of my life, including my personal life. I've cut my work schedule by 20 hours a week, and I am completely out of debt. My office procedures are streamlined, which means virtually zero stress. And I've learned to communicate much better with people, including my wife. I love everything about the TPMI program, and I can't recommend it highly enough.

Dr. Warner

The recordings you have produced have been critical in the changes that have occurred in my practice. These recordings provide the concepts I need in a timely fashion so I can absorb the very timely and weighty issues you discuss. Implementing these concepts has changed my practice for the better. But the changes were not easy to make. After 19 years of practice, some “ruts” are hard to “break out of”. There have been some very good changes in the last eight months. I'm no longer exhausted with long office hours. I spend more time at home with my family, have better patient compliance, and finally a real system of patient care…based on what I believe is needed. These life changes were absolutely necessary, indeed, “required” to retain my sanity in these changing times. These changes were only possible with the repetition of the information on these recordings. I appreciate your producing this information and feel that it is a valuable tool for anyone attempting to make the conversion from a stressful practice push to fun practice growth.

Dr. Young

Dr. Radermacher has spent years helping offices better their communication and organization. The result is our patients have a better chance at not only understanding their choice in care when coming to the office, but hopefully have a better chance at following through with the care that they chose because of the communication and systems that he has helped us implement. His attention to detail is exceptional. He will help your practice grow in a healthy way.

Dr. Martin

With improved patient communication and office management, we have been able to grow and help more people. Before joining it felt like there were holes in a bucket as patients would start and not stay to get what they needed to get better. Now there is more enjoyment and less frustration. Thank you, Dr. R!!

Dr. Green

I have been working with Dr. Radermacher for approximately three and a half months. Prior to signing up with him, I had been in private practice for over 31 years. During that time, I had spent perhaps two years employing practice managers. While both of those parties gave me some excellent information, I would not say that either provided me with the type of impact that I needed to weather the difficulties that I've encountered in the past 10 years. At the time I signed up with Dr. Rademacher I was working two very slow offices that I owned in two adjacent counties--one that I had owned for over 31 years, and the other for three years. In addition, I was also working part-time for a friend in his much busier practice. For the better part of the last seven years, my own income had fallen fairly dramatically. During that same period, I had done far more to market my services than ever before. Included in these efforts were giving talks at local libraries and food co-ops, participating in health fairs, and working weekly on Saturday mornings at a farmer’s market each summer for at least three months. I know that my skills as a chiropractor had only improved during those years. And my communication skills had also improved.  I had no difficulty speaking to one person or 40 people and did so regularly. However, with my business slowing down, my confidence had definitely decreased and so had my health. While I had taken some excellent steps to improve my physical health, I had not succeeded at all in improving my financial or practice health. Where I had never considered fully retiring, all of the overhead costs that I continued to endure day in-day out definitely gave me cause to consider that option more often than I had liked. One of the first and most important questions I posed to Dr. Radermacher during one of several sessions I spent speaking with him before I made the financial commitment to work with him was if he could turn the practice and financial decline around.  And how long would it take? His response was pretty insightful, as he had success in very similar circumstances. It depended first on me, if I were willing to change, especially my communication skills, and secondly, how much effort I would put forth to do so. I would love at this point to give a sterling and dramatic testimony that I now own the Hilton hotel chain with the stunning success that I've experienced…which I unfortunately, do not. However, there are days when I feel so positive about the efforts that I have already made and the changes that I have seen that I feel almost that good about my future. My practice volume has significantly increased in that time. There are still times when I fall into old habits, repeat old mistakes, and know that while change is rapidly taking place, there is still work to do and especially focus to maintain. Dr. Radermacher teaches with incredible skill and insight about the tendencies we have as chiropractors to take on our patients’ responsibilities for their health, especially the use of “I” and “we” instead of “you” have a problem with “your” spine, and here are “your choices” and “your care”. I had used these pronouns in reverse, for decades, almost subconsciously and it had taken a toll both in my practice and my health. Dr. Radermacher calls that “donning the shoulder pads of unwarranted responsibility”. And believe me, I had done so and many times it was difficult to breathe, let alone move and enjoy being alive while walking around under that Incredible psychological weight. While such habits are difficult to change, I have already experienced a tremendous surge in my own energy. Some days I feel at least a decade younger as a result of carefully communicating with and placing the responsibility on the shoulders of those seeking my help. Dr. Radermacher has distilled his wisdom into a very straightforward approach to running a chiropractic office. Although it seemed simple at first, as I have utilized it, I have realized that there's a tremendous depth to this process. And when applied, the results are startlingly effective. More importantly, he has an incredible skill to communicate one-on-one with me. He also has the patience to communicate to help me fully implement it. During this process, there is an incredible sense of humor that allows that unfolding process to be a lot of fun. In explaining what I've been experiencing with Dr. Radermacher to a close friend, and chiropractic colleague, I put it this way: with the skills and abilities that I've gathered over the last three- plus decades, what I had been missing in practice was really enjoying what I do. I innately had known that for a number of years, something very vital was missing from my professional experience. Fun. I was walking into my office each day, weighted down with a sense of time wasted, of not fulfilling my own potential. I have had the right skills at the right time to have an incredibly positive impact on the health of my community. While having a blast doing so. I do not have the opportunity to have started working with Dr. Radermacher 30 years ago; that is water under the bridge. But I certainly have the opportunity now and that is more than worth the monetary investment I expend each week. I chose to look at it as an excellent investment to make in myself and I do not regret having done so for one moment.

Dr. Goodwin

In the last 10 years, communication has really been one of the biggest struggles for me. And he’s really made it easy to take some of that stress off me. And really, making it easier to explain, and just giving the patient the tools they need to use and the understanding of why they’re coming to the office. In terms of balance with my life inside and outside the clinic, it’s made a huge difference. You know, I was 32 hours in the office before I met Dr. Radermacher. Four years later, I’m down to 19 and a half hours, which makes a big difference in terms of my home life, having two little kids at home. The extra time I will be able to spend with my family, along with more confidence and more balance, will see my stress levels decrease both inside the clinic and outside in my personal life.

Dr. Parret

You know, we’ve gotten referrals on the first visit. I think that’s so powerful. I just finished my examination with a patient and upon them checking out they tell the desk you know what, my sister has been in pain for six months, and hasn’t gotten help. I’m going to give her your information. So, getting this information from TPMI and being able to allocate it, and seeing results that fast is incredible.

Dr. Glorioso

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