You’ve Found Your Chiropractic Consultant at TPMI!

I’ve tried other chiropractic consultant programs. What makes TPMI different?

TPMI is a chiropractic consultant that views the chiropractor as a solution, not a problem that needs fixing in order to attract and retain patients. You will be instructed with our proprietary, copyrighted communications system. 


With TPMI as your chiropractic consultant, you will take part in an elite training that compels patients to take ownership and responsibility over their own care, so they choose chiropractic and commit to it for their own potential benefit. You will hear and learn things you have not heard in other seminars or from any other chiropractic consultant.


You will learn how to decrease stress and open up the practice for significant new patient referrals. You will also learn how to reduce patient hours to 18-20 hours per week, save money on overhead, and still run a wildly successful, profitable clinic.  With TPMI as your chiropractic consultant, you will learn how to remove a significant amount of emotion from your practice by keeping precise daily statistics as well as quarterly new patient tracking and reactivated patient tracking forms. With this knowledge, you will learn how to sustain your burgeoning growth trends and keep your practice busy and profitable.

What’s the difference between the Clinic Complete and Clinic Communications Only program?

The Clinic Complete program addresses all aspects of your practice, with an emphasis on organizational processes, metrics, and doctor-patient communication. It is a three-year program with one-on-one meetings with a chiropractic consultant. 

The Clinic Communications Only program is focused entirely on doctor-patient communication. It is for doctors who are absolutely certain their organizational systems are not hindering their growth. That means your staff is well trained and monitored, your ideal floor plan and hiring practices are in place, your hours in the clinic have already dropped to 18-20 hours per week, you have “cluster” and specialty scheduling implemented, and you are fully functional in your uptime and downtime proficiency.  Most clinics need assistance in at least one of those areas, so they opt for the three-year, Clinic Complete program instead, which includes ongoing one-on-one weekly meetings with a chiropractic consultant in addition to the resources and chiropractic seminars. The Clinic Communications ONLY Program is a one-year commitment that includes meetings with a chiropractic consultant.

The most successful chiropractors seem to be the motivational, charismatic ones. That’s just not me. Can I still grow my practice?

With TPMI as your chiropractic consultant, you will never be asked to be someone you are not or to build a practice based on your charisma. Performing for the crowd may temporarily drive up patient volume, but it is not sustainable and that’s how doctors end up burned out. Your practice will receive meticulous guidance in the hands of a chiropractic consultant with definable, defendable, and replicable systems of communications and organization that can be customized to your practice.

How often can I call to discuss strategy with a chiropractic consultant?

Dr. Radermacher will be your chiropractic consultant and meet with you at least once a week.

Will I end up talking on the phone with a "lackey chiropractic consultant"?

Never!  Dr. Radermacher will always be your assigned chiropractic consultant.

Will I have to change my chiropractic technique to succeed in TPMI’s program?

No! The communications skills and organizational methods you will learn from your chiropractic consultant and within the Clinic Complete and Clinic Communications Only programs can be employed in any clinic, regardless of your chiropractic technique. TPMI has been used by successful doctors who collectively perform every chiropractic technique imaginable. 

Can TPMI help me with a practice that has additional, different caregivers in it?

Everyone on your team can benefit from TPMI’s methods, communications, and organizational training. Doctors thrive on advice from a chiropractic consultant! The Staff Team Training helps doctors and staff team work together more cohesively. Working with a chiropractic consultant to train other caregivers on your team can lead to exponential excellence in your clinic.  

Is there a way to objectively measure success in my clinic while in the TPMI program?

Absolutely! As part of the TPMI Clinic Complete program you will be given the most sophisticated and complete daily/weekly/monthly Statistical Spreadsheets in the entire profession. In meetings with your chiropractic consultant, you will analyze results and form strategies for moving forward. You’ll never have to “wonder about” or “feel” your success…you will be able to track and monitor it with statistics.

How many more hours will I have to spend in the clinic to grow my practice with TPMI?

Working with a TPMI chiropractic consultant does not mean spending more time in the practice! With the methods you will learn, you can reduce your overhead and limit your time in the office to 18-20 hours/per week while maintaining a successful practice. If you wouldn’t mind cutting your hours in half while experiencing additional growth, you will be just fine!

Does TPMI charge a flat fee or a percentage of my profit as well as the chiropractic consultant fee?

TPMI charges a flat weekly fee that covers everything your specific program has to offer. Any profit you make from your clinic’s growth stays with you!

If I sign up for one of TPMI’s programs and feel like I can't keep up or want to leave early, can I do that?

Yes. If for any reason you would want to leave the program, tell your chiropractic consultant and there is a very simple buyout you can use as your exit opportunity.

Do you still have questions?

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