• Do It Yourself

    The communications system perfect for the self-starter
    Valid for 2 years
    • All 7 essential communication topics including:
    • 10-Minute Pre-Consultation, gathering life impact.
    • 5-Minute Report of Findings emphasizing patient ownership
    • 20-Minute Spinal Care Class, expanding retention notably
    • Adjusting Dialogue, the key to strong retention and referral
    • 5-Minute Re-Report of Findings, providing extended care
    • Patient money and/or time fade with the appropriate response
    • Patient Minimization of their pain or of chiropractic
  • Staff Team Training

    The perfect training for complete and consistent performance
    Valid for 2 years
    • Consistently training your staff with a high volume system
    • Precise cluster and specialty scheduling
    • A master appointment book for stats and unlimited growth
    • Complete stats providing reality instead of emotion
    • New patient tracking to I.D. patterns in retention
    • Staff team communications with patients
  • Outside-the-Box

    Every month
    Recurring Monthly Subscription
    • Weekly out-of-the-box hot topics, philosophy, and interviews
    • Practice strategy
    • Functional philosophical points to contemplate and implement
    • Topics relating to current events in health care
    • Interviews with other professionals
    • Communications tips and updates
  • Monday Morning Truth

    Set a more powerful practice course every Monday morning
    Free Plan
    • Audio link sent straight to your email every Monday
    • Short bursts of audio messages to motivate and clarify
    • Setting the stage for the day
    • Clearing unnecessary baggage
    • Prepping the chiropractic communications
    • Contemplative perspective