The subject matter of this seminar includes the following:


A powerful introduction that allows staff team to understand and utilize functional chiropractic philosophy in communications with patients. The introduction becomes a constant theme throughout the seminar helping the staff team understand precisely how and why they must be on the “same page” as the doctor in order to support patients in their care.


The Day 1 Pre-Consultation

This topic teaches doctors how to literally gather specific and customized Life Impact details from new patients. This new technology gives the patients the candid look into how their pain/complaint is negatively impacting all facets of their lives. It is now the successful Pre-Consultation that has the greatest initial patient impact in choice of care and follow through with care.


The 5-Minute Report of Findings (ROF)

If you are delivering any report of findings taking longer than 5 minutes, you are overloading the patient and hurting their own retention in care. Every doctor and patient deserve a concise, non pressuring highly successful 5-Minute ROF.


The 5-Minute Re-Report of Findings (Re-ROF)

When an objective tool is used to show patients potential change in care, most patients focus on committing to their care. It is the customizable 5-Minute Re-ROF that delivers the information and parameters of care brilliantly. Most patients then take it upon themselves to continue in meaningful care.


The Patient Fade Response

This technology may be brand new to you…but you have undoubtedly struggled with the fade problem in practice for ages. Patients Fade because of money or time, and when they do, they often quit care. In learning how to effectively respond to money and time Fades, you direct the patients to focus on what is in their best interest. More patients have quit care with money and/or time Fades than you even realize. It is far too challenging to bring new patients in your clinic to see as many as 60% of them Fade and quit in their first 9 visits. To know how to respond to patient Fades is to relax and allow patients to become responsible to stay in their care for their own potential benefit.


The Patient Minimization Response

Most doctors have not yet even heard of this technology. Like patient money/time Fades, patient Minimization has been going on in your practice forever. Patients often have a tendency to Minimize the seriousness of the problem causing their pain/complaint. In doing so, they often quit care soon after their pain has improved. In reality, most patients don’t even understand that they almost always have a problem that is producing their pain/complaint. And if they don’t even know they have a problem producing their pain/complaint how in the world could they be expected to get serious about their problem!


Doctor, it is certain that you have not experienced the communication technology that the TPMI program has to offer. Review the TPMI Seminar Schedule in order to reserve the seats you need for this seminar.