Staff Team Intro
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  • Staff Team Training

    The perfect training for complete and consistent performance
    Valid for 2 years
  • For the doctor who realizes the staff team and, therefore, the entire clinic needs a system of organization that is not only up-to-date but very importantly, seamlessly integrated.

  • A method of module building block training including quizzes to allow staff team members to reach a level of competence providing quick implementation.

  • An 11 minute video introduction followed by 6 hours and 45 minutes of video content for a total of 6 hours and 56 minutes of video training content.

Staff Team Training topics include:

  1. An introduction that sets the stage for a staff team member to ​understand that the clinic can be made ready for change, growth, certainty, and systems, all of which can decrease chaos and decrease stress.​ The topic module of how to schedule using cluster adjusting time frames and quarter-hour specialty time frames, which can dramatically improve the entire team and doctor performance while opening up for additional new patient and reactivated patient scheduling.

  2. The topic module of the appointment book describing very specific and unique ways in which to utilize an appointment book that will not stop you from growing; and will also provide the necessary statistics on a day-to-day basis.

  3. The topic module of office statistics teaching why it is essential to keep far more than the "basic 3-5 common statistics." Learning about how supporting statistics not only drive the practice but can be identified and focused on from day-to-day to dramatically assist in advancing the practice.

  4. The topic module of the New Patient Tracking Form. A "unique to the industry" new patient tracking form providing specific information about new patients quitting in different time frames, why they are quitting, and what can be done about it. Learning relationships between payment category patterns and new patient acquisition pattern challenges as well as the significance of Spinal Care Class retention impact, along with choice in care trends and make-up missed appointment ratios.

  5. The topic module of staff team dialogue. This training includes an extensive introduction teaching staff team members about patient responsibility and ownership along with successful teaching methods and the powerful use of forward pronouns. It also builds the case of the necessity for the staff team to learn and echo what the doctor is teaching patients. The staff team dialogue includes topics such as active patient calls, inactive patient calls, attempted cancellation calls, new patient calls, reschedule and make-up misser calls, patient fade or minimization calls, patient 10-minute late calls, patient check-in and check-out, staff team reactivation calls, dialogue to greet new patients, spinal care class scheduling dialogue, and spinal care class confirmation calls.